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Welcome to Friends With Benefits, Amiah-Rae loyalty - our world of unique rewards and bespoke benefits. Create an account to collect style points, access exclusive benefits and collect credit towards your next order.

3 Easy Steps

Create an account

Receive 500 points

Start earning

£1 = 1 point

Claim rewards

Spend your style points

The Levels

£0 annual spend
£200 annual spend
£400 annual spend

Level benefits

Collect style points
1 per £1
1 per £1
2 per £1
Annual orders
Priority access to our sales
1 hour
12 hours
1 day
Covert style points to credit
Vote on new styles
Early access to new collections
Free and unlimited shipping and returns

Let’s get to know each other

Update your profile to collect style points and grow your benefits

Join us

Sign up and start your account with 500 points

It's your party

Add your birthday and we'll gift you 200 points

Bring a friend

Introduce your friends and you'll both receive credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Members Only is Amiah-Rae bespoke loyalty programme. Sign up and you’ll earn style points on qualifying purchases and other interactions with us. The more style points you have, the higher your loyalty tier and the more benefits you’ll have access to.

You can earn style points by buying Amiah-Rae styles. Silver and Gold tier members earn 1 style point for every £1 they spend, Platinum tier members earn 2 style points for every £1 spent. We’ll give you extra points, too, for referring friends and on your birthday.

Your point balance and current tier level is shown in the top bar in your account page.

Style points can be redeemed at checkout, or you can convert style points into vouchers for credit towards your next order. Head to your account page anytime to see the benefits and rewards that are available to you.

Your Members Only tier is based on net annual spend. At the point of sign up, if you have spent £0-£200 in the previous year, you will start as a Silver tier loyalty member, if you have spent £201-£399 you will start as a Gold tier loyalty member and, if you have spent over £400, you will start as a Platinum tier loyalty member. As a member, when your annual spend reaches the next threshold, you will automatically tier up and have access to a host of new rewards and benefits. Please note that returned orders do not count towards your annual total.

These are points that need to be approved by our customer service team before they can be added to your balance.

These points will not be added to your balance. For example, if you have returned a piece, the points will change from pending to cancelled.

The pending points that you earned from their order will be cancelled and will not be added to your balance.

This is likely to be because you, or someone that you referred, cancelled or returned an order.

If you no longer wish to be part of our Loyalty Programme, please contact us and we will cancel your account. You will lose any points you have collected.

Yes, of course. Simply contact us and we will reopen your account. Unfortunately, we are unable to save points on cancelled accounts, so your points total will begin again from zero.

Unfortunately style points and loyalty credit are not valid on sale items. You will earn points on any sale items that you buy.

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