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Every item from Amiah Rae has been made with the same commitment to durability and quality, ensuring our clothes have the longest possible lifespan.

However, when your garment finally begins to show signs of wear and tear, or your child has simply grown out of it, Amiah-Rae has an incredible initiative in place to help prevent our clothing ending up in landfill.

Instead of throwing your items in the bin, why not send them back to us. We will recycle the item or resell it on our marketplace (depending on the condition), ensuring no landfill waste or a new owner of the garment.

In return, we will send you a store credit or reward points for 25% of your original purchase value.

This scheme is one of our sustainability measures that we have put in place to reduce our impact on the world. We encourage our customers to think hard about the environmental impact of fast fashion and ask them to REWEAR – REIMAGINE – RELOVE their clothes wherever possible.

Signs of wear and tear? Or grown out of the garment?

Send back your child's clothes to us

Receive store credit or reward points for 25% of original purchase price

We'll recycle or sell on our marketplace


Fill in the form below and one of the team will get you started with the process.
Please note, only items owned for 6 months or more can go through the Back to Rae process.

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